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Topics: We’re looking for yoga tips, exercise and travel recommendations, ‘how-to’ suggestions for meditation and relaxation, recipes for meals and smoothies, best-of lists, suggestions for living in mindful, productive, and enjoyable ways, and personal stories about yoga and inspiration. Make the stories authentic and personal. Touch hearts. Adding some first-person and a bit of narrative to your post will make it more enjoyable to read. Please include a few hyperlinks in the post to heighten its credibility. (At least one hyperlink back into our site and one to either Elephant Journal or Huffington post.)

Audience: Our readership includes single women and men, as well as moms and dads who are practicing yoga at home and work and seeking to integrate yoga and mindfulness into a work/family lifestyle.

Length and Style: Blog post length is flexible – 250-800 words. Paragraphs: two to eight sentences. See below for more suggestions.

Submit Posts and Questions to write@pilgrimageyoga.com.


Be Original: Your post should be original and unpublished.

Number of Words: Post length should be 250-800 words.

Photos: Please include at least one high-resolution image related to your post. Size: At least 400×266 pixels. If other photos are required to tell your story, please include captions as well (as appropriate).

Photo Rights:  Include a Great Photo(s)

The photo is the first thing people will look at. It is the book cover to your story. It represents the quality of your writing. Catch the reader’s attention and interest. By submitting images to us, you give Pilgrimage Yoga Online the right to publish your images. We accept only rights-free, original images. If you are not the owner of an image, please include the name and email address of the image owner.

Show us your sources and Hyperlink

If you mention a statistic or a study in your piece, please include a link to that source. Link to peer-reviewed scientific papers, academic journals, and/or credible news outlets. Readers can then follow your line of thinking and investigate further if they want to know more. How to Submit: Email our editor a Microsoft Word document of your post. We’ll work with you on any edits and gather any additional information we need to publish. Bio and promotion: We’re more than happy to include a byline and your brief bio containing links to your website and social media accounts. Please keep your bio to just 2-3 sentences. A photo always make your bio more interesting. On Publication: We will publish your post and share links on social media. We will encourage you to share a link to the post with family and friends and post it on your popular social media outlets. You can re-publish your post elsewhere online only if: 1) you change the text by 20%; 2) you significantly change the first paragraph; 3) you change your title meaningfully; 4) you do not use our edits (use your draft); and 5) you link back to where it initially appeared on PYO.com.

Tips for Great Writing… Think Before You Write

Get Personal. Great essays illuminate how you’ve changed in one area of your life. Usually, this requires some growth in how you view the world, your relationships, your life, or yourself. Illuminate the transformation! The more honest and vulnerable you can be about your struggles and victories, the more readers will be inspired by and empathetic to your story! Has a similar post appeared in Pilgrimage Yoga Online? We feature a wide range of topics on Pilgrimage Yoga and we have a library of great content. Please read through our blogs. How can your piece add to our body of knowledge? Elaborate and offer some perspective that is original. Is the writing I am seeking to create inspiring, informative, and/or educational? Posts featured on PYO should be positive and informative. We want content that will inspire and enrich the lives of our readers. When writing about current events please find the aspirational aspect. Visualize your Audience Imagine a specific person to whom you are writing and speaking. This will give you an audience to hold in your mind as you write and it will help you to care about the quality and content of your writing.

As You Write

Is your title catchy and informative? A good title has the potential to grab someone’s attention and spark their interest. Ask yourself: What issue does my article address/ solve? How will reading this article make someone’s life better? How would you explain your article in one sentence? Is my first paragraph succinct? You only get one chance to grab someone’s attention. The reader will give you the first paragraph to do that and no more. Make the first paragraph catchy. It’s meant to cement their interest after the title has drawn them in. Am I offering actionable tips? Offer our readers practical ways to take action on the ideas and inspiration you are offering them. Change is hard, so be practical and helpful. Better to offer three simple steps than 10. The best is just one thing! Make Your Writing Accessible Many people who visit Pilgrimage Yoga are new to yoga and wellness. When using foreign words: use English first followed by the foreign word in Italics when describing wellness terms. For example, if you’re writing about yoga, we like to explain poses this way: Downward Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana). Be sure to spell check! Title with keywords. Two to five subheadings with keywords. Start a new sentence with only one space after a period, not two. 


Any number over nine is written numerically: 10, four, 32, 108, nine years, 10 apples. (Unless it is the first word in a sentence: Eighty years ago.) When using commas in a list, do not use a comma after the last item before the “and” or “or.” Put a period at the end of every title in the title. B.K.S. Iyengar, not BKS Iyengar; a.m. not am.     Submit Posts and Questions to write@pilgrimageyoga.com