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Mindfulness is a learnable skill that can help employees achieve more with less effort. It is the practice of noticing thoughts as they arise, which provides the basis for moving beyond limiting patterns of emotional reaction and behavioral habits. This translates into huge workplace savings–both for employees and employers.

For one thing, employees who participate in mindfulness training programs report higher levels of happiness, job satisfaction, and work-life balance. And as for employers–workplaces who offer mindfulness programs enjoy cost savings in the form of increased employee retention, less absenteeism, improved morale, higher rates of productivity, and improvement in decision-making and critical thinking skills. In 2017, more than 22% of employers are offering mindfulness training incentives to their employees.

Would you like to join them?

PYO’s Corporate Mindfulness Program

Pilgrimage Yoga Online is an online video library with hundreds of yoga and meditation video practices. Full company-wide access to this library is included in our Corporate Mindfulness Program which can be used at work or at home. These practices are designed to provide employees with physical movement options and mental clarity throughout the work day, with the ultimate goal being to decrease stress and improve morale throughout the company.

Our clients in larger spaces often enjoy setting aside a room or space for yoga and meditation, and encourage employees to practice during breaks and slow periods. We’ve also had clients schedule yoga videos as non-mandatory meetings to encourage employees to practice together. PYO also features yoga practices for sitting at the desk, which are a perfect fit for smaller offices or quick resets.

In addition to site-wide access to our online studio, our team can also host personalized sessions through video chat or webinar that are designed to address your team’s specific questions or problems. Some of our past topics include stress reduction, personalized meditation instruction and live yoga classes.

PYO’s Corporate Mindfulness Program Includes:

  • Company-wide access to PYO’s online yoga and meditation studio
  • Personalized meditation, yoga and mindfulness video-chat sessions (or in-person session if you’re located in San Diego!)
  • Regular check-ins with PYO representative


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