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Blog / Podcasts: Weight Loss


How to Plan Your Meals for Healthy Weight Loss.

The best weight loss plans consist of a healthy balanced diet along with a well-designed exercise routine. You certainly don’t need to starve yourself to reach your goal weight. Sometimes the simplest changes in your eating habits can make a world of difference to your physique. The following exercise and weight loss tips will help you lose weight quickly and healthily.


Yoga and Weight Loss: Find Balance

The practice of even the gentlest style of yoga helps make everything in life a little easier — including weight loss. Overweight people who practiced yoga…


The Ultimate Green Juice

Juicing Offers Life Enhancing Benefits – According to weight loss expert Joe Cross, “Juicing offers many life-enhancing…


Kirtan for Weight Loss?

Kirtan for Weight loss! Wait, what… Really? If we’re talking about the ‘Weight of the World.’ Kirtan can help with that! Kirtan is a place…




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