Bliss Flow Yoga – Online video review

Throughout my practice of yoga I focused on understanding and improving the various poses (or asanas) of yoga. I have strived for…


Throughout my practice of yoga I focused on understanding and improving the various poses (or asanas) of yoga. I have strived for the correct alignment and maximum stretch each pose can provide.

In short, I have attempted to break down every pose I’ve learned and improve upon it during my practice.

Breaking down each pose and getting more in depth is definitely worth the effort, however, another level of challenge in yoga is putting several poses together in a series or what is called “flow”.

What is Flowing Yoga?

Flowing yoga is when a few or several poses are “put together” in a series where you “flow” or go from one pose to the other while utilizing your breath to guide you from pose to pose. An example of this is Sun Salutation A or B where one “flows” from a standing mountain pose, through a forward bend and then on to a warrior pose, plank and down dog/up dog or cobra.

In this particular video with Lena Schmidt, the flow pattern she has created provides a good workout with great variety and excellent instruction. The session starts off seated and gentle with the intensity increasing as the flow gathers steam, but it’s not strenuous. Lena walks you through poses such as pigeon, down dog variations, twists and reverse table top. There is an excellent blend of seated and standing poses along with twists.

Benefits and Application

One benefit of flowing yoga is that all muscle groups receive equal attention, creating balanced strength throughout the body. The continual flowing movements help stretch and elongate your muscles while they are being strengthened, allowing you greater mobility and range of motion.

Focusing on the inhale and exhale of your breath results in a positive, calming effect on the central nervous system. Physically, sweat expels toxins and re-energizes your body. Mentally, the synchronized breathing relaxes your mind and helps to release any blockage of energy flow throughout your body.

Knowing and practicing the individual asanas of yoga is extremely important in that they are the base for a flow sequence. You can’t do a good flow unless each pose has good form. That said, if you’re feeling confident about your individual poses, you might want to give a flow session a shot. It will take your practice to another level and offers enormous benefits. Should you decide to flow, I would highly recommend this video. Go…and flow!


Watch this video now:

Lena Flow 30

Turn Your Work Seat Into a Yoga Chair

Got chair? – Chair yoga refers to the use of a chair to sit in or hold onto in order to do yoga poses. A yoga teacher of mine once told me…


Got chair?

Chair yoga refers to the use of a chair to sit in or hold onto in order to do yoga poses. A yoga teacher of mine once told me he could do almost every yoga pose from a chair. That’s good news for me, because my job requires me to be in a chair working at a computer almost all day. Plus, my doctor said I’m showing early signs of arthritis in my wrists and hands and I’m only in my early 30’s! Rather than starting to take medication for the discomfort, my doctor recommended “some type of movement to keep the joints lubricated and or physical therapy.”

So, how am I supposed to do “some type of movement” when I am stuck in a chair all day? I found at least part of the solution actually in my chair after watching and practicing the techniques in this video (Chair Yoga – 10 Minutes with Lena Schmidt) from Pilgrimage Yoga.

My doctor said that most people, when they find out they have arthritis, tend to minimize movement of the joints when in fact proper movement can actually help the situation. This video was perfect for me because I learned various techniques I can do while at work on my break or even while working. The video focuses on breathing and coordinating the breath with movement, stretches for the shoulders and neck and techniques for lubricating the wrist and ankle joints. Plus, the instructor also demonstrates a gentle spinal twist and a technique for stretching the arms and fingers. All of which I need and I can do it from my chair in 10 minutes!

Benefits of Chair Yoga

The video instructor is very gentle in her approach and clearly the first benefit I found from watching this video was to focus on my breath and posture. Many times I find myself hunched over my computer, which is obviously bad for my posture as well as restricting for my breath. Since watching the video, I have been practicing sitting up straight and reminding myself to breathe and I do believe I feel more energetic because of this practice.

I also benefited greatly from the wrist and ankle rotations and the gentle spinal twists from side to side. Sometimes I feel a bit stiff before I practice, but in the end I always feel more “loose” and not as much discomfort.

Application: Chair Yoga in everyday life

The techniques taught in this video don’t require a mat or props. All you need is a chair – it can be a chair at home or work or in the park. You just have to be seated comfortably and you can begin. I often practice the techniques I’ve learned at my work during my break or at lunchtime. I’m sitting anyway. I just have to turn my chair around from under my desk and get started! I’ve used these techniques before starting work, during work and before going home. I also do them at home on the weekends or during the evening. That’s the beauty of chair yoga – it can be done anytime or anywhere – Got chair? Get started!