Learn to Teach Meditation

Millions of people are turning to meditation to reduce stress and enhance well-being. This course will teach you how to meditate and teach you to teach others. Each day new opportunities appear for teaching meditation. In this course you will learn to teach stress reduction, meditation and mindfulness.

Course includes: Learn to Meditate book, study guide, video tutorials, private Facebook discussion group, audio meditations, podcasts and 90 days of free access to our online yoga studio! $49.00

America's Heroes and You

America’s Heroes and You

The authors, while visiting the Jefferson Memorial, began to contemplate upon other great heroes of American history and the enduring gifts of inspiration and strength their lives have given us. This curriculum was born from a desire to ensure that these heroes and their lives become role models for our society and, most importantly, for our young people, so that they too can reach their fullest potential as human beings. This booklet is designed for use by children and young adults.

7 Secrets of Super-Health

10-Hour Online Gentle Yoga Training

This program is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding to teach a great gentle class. This is the type of class most often visited by new students. There is no substitute for hands on, in-person learning; but we have done everything short of that to create a fantastic learning experience that will benefit your practice and teaching. You will enhance your skills to create effective gentle sequences for all body types, develop your teaching of specific gentle postures, and be better equipped to provide your students with a positive and memorable experience. $49.00

7 Secrets of Super-Health

7 Secrets to Super-Health

This fascinating book blends the ancient mystic secrets of the East with modern scientific discoveries. The result is a recipe for amazing health. Topics include: conscious eating, prayer, sacred sex and more.

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Lives

From humanity’s earliest spiritual aspirations have come the Upanishads of the ancient Indian seers. The Upanishads are the verbal expression of the meditations and soaring realizations of the Vedic sages and rishis. This article will guide you through the Mandukya Upanishad which explores the sacred mantra Aum(OM) and relates this sound to the different dimensions and aspects of which the human pysche is composed.

Learn to Meditate

Learn To Meditate

This book is the result of Mr. McKeever’s efforts to convey the essence of meditation to thousands of seekers during his free seminars and classes offered around the world. The book provides an understanding of the essential principles underlying the practice of meditation. McKeever offers precise relaxation and meditation exercises which you can learn and practice on a daily basis.

Path of Knowledge

Path of Knowledge

Each of us has a unique journey to undertake because each of us has unique experiences and circumstances, both inwardly and outwardly. At the same time the basic principles of yoga can be codified for we all have emotions, thoughts and intuition, the structure of which is common to all human beings. The writings I have drawn from reference a wide range of Indian texts. It is offered to the reader to explore these source materials and enjoy countless hours of spiritual reading.

Paths are Many

Paths Are Many Truth Is One: Exploring the Unity of all Religions

Read scholarly, authentic translations of the works upon which Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Taoism are founded and understand 17 themes central to all spiritual inquiry. Attain an in-depth knowledge of the spiritual teachings and philosophy of the Old Testament prophets, Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha, Lao Tzu, Muhammad, Sri Krishna, the Vedic seers and others. Learn about the personal experiences upon which all religions are founded.

Strategy for Success

Strategy for Success: An Outline for Personal Growth

In this remarkable work, Mr. McKeever synthesizes the philosophies of East and West to create a profound, yet clear and simple strategy for achieving YOUR goals. By uniting timeless spiritual truths with practical planning, goal-setting and visualization techniques, you will be able to achieve your potential in the areas of personal growth, material success and spiritual progress. You will learn the skills and attitudes which are essential to success.

27 Meditation Techniques

27 Meditation Techniques from the Writings of Sri Chinmoy

Learn to use 27 simple meditation techniques that will calm your mind and open your heart. From the writings of Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007), a spiritual teacher who dedicated his life in service to aspiring humanity.

Car Yoga Guide

Use these simple yoga techniques as you’re driving to calm the nervous system, relax the upper body and remain focused on the task at hand. These practices are suitable for practitioners of all levels.

Digital Yoga Wallpaper Download

Enjoy a free download of this inspirational AUM symbol, created by PYO studio founder, Sujantra McKeever. Use it as a wallpaper for your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, and be reminded of the peaceful properties of yoga each time you see it!

Ideal Driving Posture PDF Infographic

Enjoy this free download of 7 adjustments for ideal driving posture and implement them on your next ride!

Learn What Style of Meditation is Right For You FREE DOWNLOAD

There are many different styles of meditation from mantra meditation to silent sitting to chanting kirtan. Download this infographic to learn about the different styles and experiment with the best ones for you. A perfect printout to hang over your desk at home or at work!

Inspirational Quotes Infographic FREE download

These quotes serve up helpful reminders for living well in all types of situations. Enjoy this free print out on your fridge, at work or to pass along to a friend.

How To Start a Meditation Practice Infographic FREE Download

Beginning a meditation practice can be enjoyable and easy. Follow these simple steps to implement your own fulfilling home practice.