In Balance Playlist

In Balance


1. Sun Salutations (10 min)

Surya Namaskar. Connect your breath to your movement as you flow
through one of yoga’s most popular series of asanas, also known as sun salutations.

2. Crow Pose (5 min)

Bakasana. Balance the weight of your body on bent arms.
Strengthen your arms and wrists and improve focus and balance.

3. Tripod Headstand (5 min)

Sirsasana. Rest the crown of the head lightly on the floor as the
body is completely inverted and held upright, supported by the forearms.

4. Savasana (10 min)

Savasana. Savasana is consciously letting go, actively surrendering to gravity;
being pulled into back into earth. Allowing ourselves to melt into harmony with all.