The yamas are the foundation of the yoga practice. Ahimsa, non-violence is one of the yamas. This can be taken to mean both not performing violent acts and trying to prevent violence. In this sense you can call the people who created the movie FED UP true yogis.

Fed Up

The film is about the modern American diet and the harm it is doing to all of us. According to the movie, the essence of the problem is that the processed food industry is choosing private profit over public health, in particular: children’s health.

This heart retching film takes you inside the tragic world of childhood obesity. We are shown the addictive nature of sugar (more addictive than cocaine says the movie) and the tragedy of children who become addicted. To profit financially by addicting children to drugs could be considered by some to be a crime.

Obese Child

Photo by Robin Corps, License.

This 2014 movie narrated by Katie Couric takes you inside the “world’s deadliest diet” and shows the manipulation of the United States Congress by monied interests. It also explores the exploitation of children by unregulated television advertising.

As our population surpasses the 30% obesity rate and we usher in the first generation of children to deal with Type 2 diabetes the film offers a simple antidote. The change has to start locally, as local as your own fork and kitchen: prepare and eat real food.

This movie is worth a watch for anyone concerned about their own health and the health of others.