Corporate Wellness Program in San Diego

Is it possible to create a work environment where efficiency and productivity are maximized, and employees love coming to work everyday? Can you foster a culture of collaboration, healthy work-life balance and play, and still be the best at what you do? Can the workplace environment achieve a balanced mix of hard work and happy attitudes?

Not only is all of this possible, but recent studies have shown that prioritizing employees’ physical health and mental well-being actually saves American companies billions of dollars a year in decreased healthcare costs and increased productivity. The answer is corporate wellness programs.

What Are Corporate Wellness Programs?

Corporate wellness programs are designed to give you and your employees the necessary tools and motivation to achieve healthy and happy states of mind, and maximize your productivity at work and at home.

PYO’s corporate wellness program offers your company complete access to our online video library, which features hundreds of yoga, meditation and mindfulness videos (some of which are specifically designed to do in the office!).

And because we’re locally based in San Diego, we schedule on-site sessions with you and your team to provide specialized instruction designed to meet your company’s wellness goals and address setbacks. Whether we’re leading a stress reduction seminar, a yoga class or a meditation dialogue, the personal touch can make a big difference.

Corporate Wellness Programs are often optional for employees to participate in, and our participants report an improvement in focus, creativity, communication skills, self-defeating mindsets, and the ability to handle difficult situations. These are vital skills for effectively managing teams, collaborating with others, and being an expert at your job. By learning simple things–like how to handle a challenging request from an emotional client, or building in a lunchtime exercise routine–employees thrive where they might otherwise stagnate.

What’s more, a thriving workforce attracts new talent and retains that talent longer, making your company an ideal place to work and an ideal place to get work done.

PYO corporate wellness program features

  • Each employee at your company will receive access to PYO’s online library of yoga and meditation videos and corporate blog
  • We schedule personalized meditations with a live instructor in your workplace
  • We host live educational seminars on wellness topics such as mindfulness, meditation, yoga and stress management
  • We work with the best Pilgrimage of the Heart yoga teachers to provide on-site corporate yoga classes, specifically designed to help you achieve your wellness goals

Getting Started With PYO

  1. We schedule an intro call with you to understand your company’s precise wellness interests and needs.
  2. We draft an individualized program proposal that incorporates pricing details and sample schedules for meditation sessions, yoga classes, live events and check-in calls.
  3. After we agree on the right road-map for your program, it’s time to give your employees access to PYO, which includes hundreds of yoga and meditation videos, some of which are specifically designed to do at the workplace.
  4. We schedule on-site weekly and monthly yoga and mindfulness sessions, taught by our team of San Diego’s best meditation and yoga teachers.

Are You Ready To Start Your Corporate Wellness Program?

Our San Diego experts have hundreds of years of combined experience in the fields of wellness, yoga and meditation. Participants say the program is “a priceless investment in my future,” and “I have been given the tools to recover a sense of personal peace that I thought was lost.”

At PYO, the health and happiness of employees is a major priority. We love helping other businesses establish productive and healthy working environments. Contact our team today to inquire about what a wellness program can do for your company.

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