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Best Yoga Studio Interior Design Ideas for New Studio Owners.

By utilizing appropriate interior design ideas in the form of practical lighting solutions, appropriate spatial organisation and fun accessories, you will be able to provide a yoga experience that will give your students a soothing atmosphere to get in shape, inquire deeply and reap the physical and cognitive benefits of a long-term yoga practice.

Yoga Rules for Life: The Theory & Practice of Sexuality in the Context of Yoga.

What does yoga have to do with sex? Everything, because yoga has something to do with everything and sex has everything to do with being human. Our sexuality is a part of our identity. Yoga is the exploration of identity and ultimately leads us beyond our identity formed by thought and into our identity connected to the infinite.

Using Yoga and Meditation to Overcome Addiction.

Western medicine tends to favor the view of addiction as an inherited disease that requires external treatment in the form of medication, cognitive behavioral therapy, and rewiring the brain to think differently. The western approach focuses on the affliction and supports a person in the practice of new behaviors, whereas yoga and meditation focuses on the cause of the suffering itself and supports a person in the practice of new behaviors.

How To Like Yoga: Stories From A Reluctant Yogi.

The benefits of yoga, from reducing stress to increasing compassion, greatly outweighed any discomfort I felt about plunging myself into the yoga world head first. You don’t need special clothes or an Aum tattoo or any certain level of flexibility to do yoga.

Yoga and Brain Function: How Yoga Affects the Brain.

You know yoga is good for your body, but did you also know it’s good for your brain? All types of workouts can positively impact mental health, but yoga seems to be particularly good at positively affecting the brain.