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Yoga and Brain Function: How Yoga Affects the Brain.

You know yoga is good for your body, but did you also know it’s good for your brain? All types of workouts can positively impact mental health, but yoga seems to be particularly good at positively affecting the brain.

Is It Good to Do Yoga During Pregnancy?

Yes, yoga can be difficult, but the level of difficulty is entirely based on the capability and the comfort of the person who’s participating, and the classes you choose to take. In many ways, yoga is the perfect physical activity for pregnant women.

7 Benefits of Using a Yoga Wheel.

Props are designed to make challenging poses more accessible and accessible poses deeper. It’s no surprise then, as yoga grows in popularity, that our choices in props are also expanding. One of the newest yoga props on the market is the yoga wheel, which is the invention of Sri Dharma Mittra, and is designed to aid practitioners in opening and stretching the major areas of the body, including shoulders, chest, spine and hips.

A Complete Guide to Yoga & Injury Recovery.

Can yoga really help you come back faster and stronger after an injury? If your doctor has approved yoga as a movement regimen, here are a few tips to help you navigate your options when it comes to yoga and injury recovery.