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Motivation To Start Yoga: 5 Steps to Bring Yoga into your Life Every Day.

Remember, though, that yoga should be enjoyable and should fit your mood and schedule each day. Whether you’re traveling, too busy to get to your studio, too exhausted, or can’t fit studio membership into your budget, here are five great tips to making a daily yoga practice accessible and enjoyable.

The Power Of Negative Thinking & How To Think Positive.

Like seeds, the negative ideas grow in your mind and keep you in their vice. When something triggers them, they sprout forth and ruin our sunny day. Through meditation, however, we can develop two solutions to reverse our negative thoughts and self-talk.

Guided Meditation: Cultivating Gratitude.

In this meditation, you can cultivate a feeling of oneness with Earth where you recognize her as a being and even a provider. In doing so, you can offer gratitude to the source that sustains us and provides for us.

Guided Meditation for Emotional Healing.

Meditation allows us to root ourselves in the present and tune-in to our current emotional state. With practice, we can watch the rise of emotions and halt negative ones before they drive a shift in our mood.

Guided Meditation for Self-Love.

From our heart center, we can come to know our life’s purpose and a boundless love for ourselves and others, inviting a harmonious joy and sense of unity with the world. Opening your heart center requires devotion and positive intention.

How To Stop Negative Thoughts & Emotions.

I’m sure you have had that experience of seeing the effect that your own thoughts have on your mood and state of awareness. When you start to observe your mind, one of the things you will observe is negative thinking patterns: self-doubt, jealousy, insecurity, fear, etc.