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How to Experience Samadhi: A Technique for Micro-Samadhi

Samadhi is a state of awareness first described in yoga literature over 2,000 years ago. It is a state of consciousness described by all religious and spiritual traditions but called by various names: heaven, nirvana, trance, satori and countless others. It is the peak experience of spiritual training and the eighth and final aspect of the journey of yoga.

How Yoga & Meditation Improves Relationships

My life is full of relationships. I find that healthy relationships bring joy in life. In order to truly be in a relationship we must know ourselves and the other person. The extent to which we know ourselves, is the extent to which we can know others. Yoga and meditation give us the opportunity to learn about ourselves.

Motivation To Start Yoga: 5 Steps to Bring Yoga into your Life Every Day.

Remember, though, that yoga should be enjoyable and should fit your mood and schedule each day. Whether you’re traveling, too busy to get to your studio, too exhausted, or can’t fit studio membership into your budget, here are five great tips to making a daily yoga practice accessible and enjoyable.

The Power Of Negative Thinking & How To Think Positive.

Like seeds, the negative ideas grow in your mind and keep you in their vice. When something triggers them, they sprout forth and ruin our sunny day. Through meditation, however, we can develop two solutions to reverse our negative thoughts and self-talk.



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